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Pinnacle of hosted Events

The Advantages of a Hosted Event

The below chart depicts Estimated Sales Results

We bring REAL results to your dealership during our 5-7 day Supersales.

100 Ups a Day

With Minimal Staff

Take advantage of everything our direct mail campaigns have to offer with less staff and at a lower cost with a hosted event.  Hosted events are a less intrusive type of staffed event with the same amount of mail and prizes, just with less of our staff to organize the event.  It is perfect for dealers who are confident in and pleased with their desk manager and sales staff but could still use over 100 ups a day at their dealership.


We understand every dealership is different and we custom tailor events based on their specific individual needs. That means we could provide just an event manager to greet the customers and organize the event and prizes, or we could contribute a few additional salespeople to help accommodate the higher traffic and sales volumes.  It all depends on what is right for your dealership. So, save up to 40% on your event and keep your own staff with a hosted event.

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