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Pinnacle of Off-Site Sales

The Advantages of an Off-Site Sale

The below chart depicts Estimated Sales Results

We bring REAL results to your dealership during our 5-7 day Supersales.



Off-site sales are perfect for bringing in additional revenue to your dealership without the costly overhead of a traditional dealership.  Off-site sales can be located in numerous locations near your dealership including a: Walmart parking lot, fairgrounds, conference centers, auxiliary parking lots, and more!  Our off-site events can be equipt with a tent, balloons, an air-conditioned finance trailer, sales staff, direct mail campaign, and other additional services depending on your needs.

Off-site sales are legal in the following states:
  • Ohio

  • West Virginia

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Wyoming

  • North Dakota

  • Alabama

  • Missouri

  • New Jersey

  • Pennsylvania

  • Minnesota

  • Florida

  • New Mexico

  • Wisconsin

  • Kentucky

  • Colorado

  • Montana

  • Virginia

  • Idaho

  • More...

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