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Pinnacle of Staffed Events and Direct Mail

Simply put, we are the industry leader for automotive dealership promotional events. Our owner is one of the pioneers of the industry, with over 20 years experience in promotional events. We have put on thousands of sales and we know how to make yours a success. Our professional sales teams are experienced in finance and maximizing gross profit, but your complete satisfaction and repeat business is our ultimate goal. Our teams are comprised of former General Managers, Finance Managers, and top salespeople that were recruited nationwide. We pride ourselves in having full-time employees that are part of the family, not utilizing sub contractors we don't know like most companies find on the internet (internet gangsters). We believe in providing the best, so annually we conduct training for even our most experienced salespeople. Bottom line, nobody can give you a Guarantee and provide the level of gross that Pinnacle can. 

Hosted Events

Take advantage of everything our direct mail campaigns have to offer with less staff and at a lower cost with a hosted event.  Hosted events are a less intrusive type of staffed event with the same amount of mail and prizes, just with less of our staff to organize the event.  It is perfect for dealers who are confident in and pleased with their desk manager and sales staff but could still use over 100 ups a day at their dealership.

Off-Site Sales

Off-site sales are perfect for bringing in additional revenue to your dealership without the costly overhead of a traditional dealership.  Off-site sales can be located in numerous locations near your dealership including a Walmart parking lot, fairgrounds, conference centers, auxiliary parking lots, and more!  Our off-site events can be equipped with a tent, balloons, an air-conditioned finance trailer, sales staff, direct mail campaign, and other additional services depending on your needs.

Targeted Direct Mail works, and with our program we have unbelievable results! Every dealer knows that their target database is a key resource. However, many do not fully realize the financial potential of their database. With Pinnacle's exclusive program, we can not only identify consumers who are most likely in an equity position, but we can also identify less obvious service customers and lost opportunities. We believe in finding the right filters that increase traffic and sales. Once we identify these clients, our direct mail specialist markets to them by utilizing advanced mail products. We have over 100 different themed flyers and promotions that have been tested and are very successful. We realize no one prefers a cookie cutter solution, which is why we go out of the way to custom tailor not only to your budget, but also your needs and desires as well. 

Dealership Marketing

We are a full-service marketing firm that specializes in direct mail, shared mail, digital marketing, email campaigns, and a dedicated BDC. We stand with our clients, offering insights and recommendations that reach far beyond a traditional marketing agency. At Pinnacle Sales, you’re not just a number. Everyone here is involved in making your product a success and getting the product to your market without hassle. Discover how Pinnacle Automotive Marketing can help you improve and grow your business today.

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