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Pinnacle of Staffed events

Pinnacle of Staffed Events

Our Staffed Events Impact Your Bottom-line:

The below chart depicts Estimated Sales Results


45 Units

60 Units

75 Units

100 Units






Units Sold

25 Units

38 Units

46 Units

61 Units

Per Round





Total Gross





**Based on New and Used Inventory      *This amount is the 2016 per round average

We bring REAL results to your dealership during our 5-7 day Supersales.

Every sale we utilize clean tactics to ensure high grosses on each unit. It's important to have a solid inventory of Used Units in order to have bigger sales as you can see above. The truth is many dealers have tried a “staffed event” at one time or another, and while there are stories of great success out there, many times the impact seems less positive. If your salespeople hope they never come back, even if you made a fortune, it didn’t perform properly. What that really means is there were many missed opportunities. When the dealer’s sales staff are turned off to the whole thing, when buyers are showing up and you can’t get them done (and they leave mad), when almost all the sales went to the outside team, at least one of two things probably happened, either there was not a well thought out plan in place with benchmarks to define success, or, you and the company you hired failed to execute the plan.

We provide the exact opposite, as your dealership personnel are just as important as ours. We utilize the BDC, reporting, and many others tools to ensure we capture all of the traffic, during and after the sale.

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