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Pinnacle of Dealership Marketing

Our Marketing Impacts Your Bottom-line:

The below chart depicts the differences between Pinnacle and the competition

Why Pinnacle Is Different?



Full-Service In-House BDC

All DDU Shipping on Mail

In-House State Licensing Manager (Salespeople obtain licensing for all 50 States)

30 Full-Time Exclusive Salespeople

2-Day FedEx for Mail (Real Time Tracking)

Give Dealers up to 5 Days to Settle Out Sale

Fully Insured Sales (Not Joint Insurance)

Complimentary Call Tracking and Recording

Real Gross Profit Guarantee

No Cookie Cutter Program (Custom-Tailored to your Budget, Needs, Pain Points, and Team)

In-House Creative Team

We bring REAL results to your dealership utilizing OUR Marketing

In the world of the internet, it's easy to go online and Google "Dealership Marketing", and you'll probably get hundreds of results. Many of these companies claim to "be the best", "offer new ways", and many other tactics to try to get you to contact them. However in Marketing there is only one aspect that determines if you're doing the right thing, that aspect is data. Pinnacle has over 20 years of Marketing data experience within the Auto Industry. We set out to be the industry's best in one category as we understand you can't be the best at everything, we are the Auto industry's best!

We've compiled the data from thousands of campaigns from previous customers and have adapted to the ever-changing technology to stay at the top. We've implemented call tracking and recording, real time mail tracking, BDC, and all of these together give you a campaign that works. Many companies have invested in software or dashboards which simply "show you" the data, but at the end of the day Direct Mail is something we've stayed loyal to as it's the best form of reaching your customers. 

Whether you're looking for the best Direct Mail Campaign, a Staffed Event, Flyer design, or any of our products, we dedicate a Marketing Consultant to your company who will work to develop a custom-tailored solution. We understand that no two dealerships are the same and we want to invest in you. Pinnacle's team of automotive direct mail marketing and promotion experts includes data analysts, graphic designers, production managers, and world-class partners. We have no boundaries to limit our ability to optimize your current programs or build entirely new communication streams.  We provide response-focused, results-driven, high-impact direct marketing for the automotive industry.

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