Our pinnacle team

Joe Cox
Owner, CEO

Joe has been in the Staffed Event and Direct Mail Industry for over 20 years. He has personally played a role in the developing over 5000 Direct Mail campaigns, staffed and non-staffed. He prides himself in his integrity, honesty, and strong work ethic. All of our references will share he goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to providing results for his clients. Joe resides in Lake Norman, NC and has been married to his wife Julie for 13 years. They have three beautiful children and love raising them in a Christian household. 

Antonio Lawing
Vice President of Marketing & Sales

Antonio has been in the Pinnacle family for going on 15 years. He started as a Sales Rep and worked his way up through management and now runs all of Pinnacle's marketing and sales department. Accomplished Leader and he's an ADG Finance Top of Class Graduate. He's been happily married for over 14 years and has a beautiful family he loves dearly. Antonio prides himself on being able to inspect what he expects. 

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Alyssa Rankin
Marketing Manager

Alyssa is the newest member of the Pinnacle family.  She received her B.S.B.A. in marketing from UNCC in 2018 and is a valuable asset to the company.  Her hard work and creativity shine in all of the work she produces.

Bill Cox
Senior Sales Manager

Bill has been a Sales Manager for over 10 years in the industry, and is known for running highly profitable events. His philosophy is to be the first one there and the last one to leave in order to capture all of the business in between. 

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Kelly Butler
Senior Sales Manager

Kelly has been in the Industry for over 8 years. He's phenomenal with customers and the dealers love him as well. Kelly believes in being honest, up-front, and leads by example. 

Dave Klaiber
Senior Desk Manager

Dave has been in the automobile business for over 20 years. He's known for big grosses and keeping the paper clean. Dave also has phenomenal relationships with many of the lenders in our industry. 

Matthew Pooser
Senior Desk Manager

Matthew Pooser is an experienced desk manager known for his professionalism and work ethic.  His great relationships with accounts make him one of our most valuable employees.

Jenny Thompson
Office Manager

Jenny has worked side by side with our owner for over 10+ years. She has mastered the art of Direct Mail from design, to transportation, to tracking the deliveries.  She is very detail oriented, which is a MUST when it comes to Direct Mail. Jenny also resides in the Lake Norman community with her husband and two beautiful children. 

Candy Haggerty

Candy handles every penny for the company, every dollar in and out. She's a big part of the business and does a phenomenal job getting everyone paid on time, whether it's a vendor, rep, employee, or dealer. It goes without saying that she's a huge part of making the day to day operations run smoothly. 

Travis Lanier
Senior Sales Representative

Travis is a 10+ Year member of the Pinnacle Family. He's always leading Sales on every event he's part of, leading by example. He believes in treating customers the way he would like to be treated, with respect and honesty. 

Ed Ryan
Senior Sales Manager

Ed has been a part of the Pinnacle team for over 10 years and is a consistently excellent closer.  Our clients and staff appreciate his attentiveness, professionalism, and work ethic.

Ethan Loesing
Senior Sales Representative

Ethan has been a Pinnacle family member for 6 years. He's energetic, dedicated, and fully attentive to his customers during the events. He often leads the sales with top gross and loves working with customers.