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Partnerships Breed Success

Staffed Events


Proactive Dealer Solutions and Pinnacle Sales and Mail have partnered together to offer results that count!

Pinnacle's marketing campaigns are Guaranteed to fill your showroom(s) and supply your BDC with enough leads to last a lifetime. This partnership offers dealers not only the ability to get instant gratification as far as gross, volume, and impacting the bottom-line; but also the ability to fill your BDC pipeline with REAL Leads such as missed appointments, unsold showroom traffic, and the ability to prospect the family and friends of the people who took advantage of the sale. 

Pinnacle Sales and Mail has been assisting dealers for almost 20 years, focusing on providing unparalleled Direct Mail campaigns, Staffed Events, and Dealership Marketing. Pinnacle consistently delivers 42-47% (Our typical Client delivers 57 Vehicles for $217,000) of the dealer's pre-owned inventory, as well as increasing new cars sales and gross, never sacrificing CSI or the dealer's reputation.


Whether you're having a slow month and looking to catch up, or you're ahead of your objective and looking for more, you can count on Pinnacle to bring more customers through your Door!!!Don't just take our word for it, see what our dealers are saying about us. 




Joe Cox

Owner, CEO

Pinnacle Sales and Mail

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